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Marcus Podorf has a unique brand transformation and marketing strategy background. Having worked with rare clients in the high-end sector, such as BDO AG, airtours, Lufthansa, the Media.Monks, Mercedes-Benz, Markem-Imaje and BMW, we have achieved outstanding results through vision, hard work and attention to detail.

In addition, Marcus Podorf has delivered several premium brand relaunches and highly complex transformation projects. Our founder’s passion for business, brand and integrated marketing excellence is reflected in our expertise in establishing, maintaining, and sustaining outstanding brand excellence through strategic leadership capabilities. Please find an overview of Marcus Podorf’s most recent and high-profile, non-confidential projects and responsibilities below.


Strategy Advisory – Communications Strategy, global SAP-win
2020 – FY-2023

  • Brand Repositioning & Brand Perception Change for global SAP-win, FY-2023
  • Value Proposition Design & Communications Strategy for global SAP-win, FY-2023
  • Global Business Operations Model (Visual Concept for further execution and implementation)

‘BDO’s picking up of SAP’s audit contract from the 2023 financial year represents further progress then, as the software company is its largest ever international client. SAP is the world’s largest provider of business software and has the largest market capitalisation in the DAX-30.’ –

BMW Austria, Eastern Europe, Germany & Switzerland

Digital Aftersales Strategies, Concepts & Campaigns

  • Lead for Design, CRM & Intelligence Projects
  • Modular Aftersales CRM Newsletter Concept and Redesign for BMW
  • National and transnational Campaigns

‘No one is as thorough as Marcus Podorf!’ – Program Lead BMW Germany, Media.Monks and THE MARCOM ENGINE

UX Strategy, Concept & Execution

tom logisch® – exploring the world in a better way

tom logisch® at 60th Salón Náutico, Barcelona

tom logisch® Rebranding

  • Repositioning, rebranding & website relaunch for Europe’s leading yachting solutions provider
  • Design
  • Code, Content & CRM (Automation, Intelligence)
  • Newsletter design & execution
  • Additional Business & Senior Advisory Services

‘Marcus Podorf has pushed our business really forward!’ – Thomas Logisch, Founder & CEO

thjnk Duesseldorf x thyssenkrupp infrastructure

Director of Rebranding for the global civil engineering solutions provider thyssenkrupp infrastructure

  • Rebranding of thyssenkrupp infrastructure (internationally)
  • Strategy & Repositioning for thyssenkrupp infrastructure after the Carve-out
  • Corporate Identity & Corporate Design development
  • Design execution and implementation
  • Toolbox of communication measures and assets
  • Business & Senior Advisory Services for thjnk and thyssenkrupp

‘Thank you for everything. You did a mega job – we love your accuracy very much!’ – thjnk

Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.

UX Design Strategy & Concept

  • Newsletter design

kolula SUP

Relaunch of the Webapp – UX-Strategy & -Concept

  • Review & Assessment, Scoping based on Analytics Data
  • UX-Strategy & -Concept
  • Branding & Brand Device Definition

‘The rental is absolutely smooth.’ Review of the German Gründerszene magazine, August 2022

Deutsche Bahn AG

Management Consulting & Strategy Advisory – CX Strategy

  • Service transformation and customer experience strategy, context ‘Deutsche Bahn 2030’


Strategy Advisory / Interim Director, Brand Strategy & Planning – Global Brand Repositioning

  • Market & communications analysis
  • Brand repositioning strategy, brand purpose design
  • Strategic planning, communications design (lead gen, CRM, sales, after-sales, retention, churn)

‘Our best pitch ever!‘ – Head of Business Development, Hirschen Group

Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.

Globus Group, Germany & Russia

Strategy Advisory / Interim Director, Brand Strategy & Planning – Holistic Marketing Strategy

  • Purpose modelling, brand repositioning strategy
  • Trend analysis
  • Market research
  • Market analysis & market segmentation strategy
  • Competitive audit and audience planning (customer base & conquest)
  • Strategic planning, communications strategy & design (UX/CRM/CX)
  • CRM & Business Intelligence setup (‘Digital Outlook 2025′)
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Planning new products & services

‘The Hirschen Group can be happy about a new client from the retail industry. In the future, the WPP shareholding will work for the Globus hypermarket chain. The company, which is headquartered in St. Wendel, Saarland, decided to cooperate with the WPP holding after a multi-stage pitch with a total of eight participants. The cooperation is unusually long-term: The contract runs for five years.‘ – Horizont

Zwiesel Glas

Strategy Advisory / Interim Director, Brand Strategy & Planning – Repositioning

  • Strategic brand narrative, context: Zwiesel Glas Relaunch 2020
  • Strategic sales narratives & sales booklet, international
  • Claim / Positioning statement

AI-Study, FUTaf ’19 at Federal Foreign Office

Workshop Participant

Sky X

Freelance Director, Brand Strategy & Planning – Positioning & Launch Communication

  • Communications planning (Austria)
  • Creative Messaging
  • Product positioning / Campaign Claim / Claiming the unique Sky X territory within Austrian Gen-Y and Gen-Z


Strategic Planning / Interim Director, Brand Strategy & Planning – Repositioning & Communication

  • Strategic positioning opportunity for career startes (DACH)

Zalando – Zalando Outlet Stores

Interim Marketing Lead, Germany

  • Consumer insight generation
  • Marketing & Customer activation strategies
  • Strategic CRM and digital transformation strategy (UX/CX/BI)
  • Creative Messaging
  • Tactical campaigning & partnerships
  • Expansion & Store Opening communications
  • Budget & KPI responsibility, media (ROI/CLV) planning
Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.

Wantedly Inc.

Strategy Advisory, Brand Strategy & Planning – Positioning & Launch Communications DE

  • Brand Positioning for Germany
  • Communications Strategy & Planning
  • Textbook Execution

Markem-Imaje, the world-leader in CPG Tech (B2B)

Delivered the international transformation for the premium B2B brand

  • Customer interviews & segmentation, Analysis & Review of Big Data
  • Customer insight generation
  • Market review & competitive audit – Heritage, extended competitive set, near and mid future
  • Company and service analysis, defining future requirements
  • Strategic positioning opportunity (refinement)
  • Brand repositioning strategy & execution outlook
  • Brand transformation & transition strategies (implementation outlook)
  • Productisation – New Product & Services Design
  • Naming & Portfolio structure
  • Corporate change & communication strategy, incl. Creative Messaging/Value Proposition Design

‘Thank you, Marcus, you’ve been great!’ – Geschäftsleitung, VORN Strategy Consulting


Interim Head of Lufthansa ‘New Premium’ Brand Refresh at DDB, Germany

Led and managed the strategic direction for the Lufthansa premium brand refresh (BTL) and Lufthansa Group Airlines rebranding for DDB Tribal, Hamburg.

  • Provided expertise and leadership in the transition for Lufthansa BTL, digital and CRM account for DDB Tribal and Lufthansa.
  • Led Lufthansa New Premium Brand Refresh by establishing key performance indicators on the development, requirements and management of projects, sans compromising the goals and profit of the organization.
  • Culture change and transformation, transition and team building.
  • Development of brand and digital strategy, platform concepts, tone of voice, CRM, including BX/UX/UI.
  • Content strategies and asset production.

‘Thank you, Marcus! We couldn’t have done it without you!’ – Member of the Management Board, DDB Tribal

Review the story on Medium: The Lufthansa New Premium Brand Refresh

Marcus led the elaborate and highly complex Lufthansa rebranding at DDB with an experienced hand. He was able to easily bring together the many strands (creation, process, brand, resources…) and prepare the new brand identity of the DAX-member and German love brand.

I particularly appreciate Marcus’ ability to think outside the box and his vision, which is always based on his in-depth professional expertise and many years of experience in global brand management.

Marcus is the most committed freelancer I have ever met. Content-driven and always honest, he is always 100% committed to the team and the long-term vision of the brand beyond the project.’

– Tillmann Kühn, Director, DDB Group

Review the story on Medium: The Lufthansa New Premium Brand Refresh

Lufthansa Group Airlines

Leadership & B2B2B Rebranding Strategy for DDB & Tribal, Hamburg


CRM account transition and set-up, CRM strategies and digitalisation, Car launches
2016 -2017

Led the transition for the CRM account of 7 digits of budget for Mercedes-Benz, including Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes me, and Pullman lines, within a highly complex start-up business of 6 months young with fast-growing environment. Provided education for the creation team and a culture task force due to a huge increase of multinational and multicultural personnel entering the company after the second month of assumption.

  • Institutionalised strategies and concepts.
  • Managed customer acquisitions and brand-building campaigns for more than 128 markets, CH, EU, and US.
  • Planned and supervised the launching of communication for more than 13 new car series for the global markets which was delivered within the scheduled period and on the budget by collaborating with all business units.
  • Managed 2 CRM consultants and additional, dedicated campaign teams.
  • Implemented business development and change strategy for CRM which is the cornerstone of all marketing and campaign activities.
  • Initiated the development of new products, services, and applications.
  • Monitored budget expenditures, and advised and supported the clients in the restructuring process for digital transformation of the specific business area.
  • Achieved the second best client rating among all agency units, securing agency bonuses and increasing engagement, for two consecutive period, which was a clear indication of strong and trustful client relations and improvement in all areas of the account.

‘Marcus has an excellent understanding of CRM. He was a real asset for us—and a reason why we rated the agency better.’ – Director CRM and Campaigning Mercedes-Benz

Home of the Wild

Branding & Branded Website

  • Brand Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Website Code
  • Booking Engine & CRM
  • Administration & IT Services, Maintenance

‘Make Love’ Movement

Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services for Ann-Marlene Henning, Initiator & Founder of the Make Love Movement

  • Delivered workshops, personas/audience profiles, brand and content architecture and advisory services for Ann-Marlene Henning, founder and author of the Make Love Movement (books, TV series, online activities, social media, content hub, podcast blog, vlog, and other media formats). 
  • Advised also for TV station tender and business setup
  • Marcus Podorf was not involved in the further execution process (executed by public-service broadcasters)

Nominated for the Grimme Online Award 2014

T-Systems – ‘Champs for Champs’ UX & Campaign

Champs for Champs campaign ecosystem

UX strategy for Philipp & Keuntje, Hamburg:

  • Planned campaign-experience
  • (Digital) communications and conversation strategy
  • Audience planning
  • User engagement and re-engagement strategy
  • Promotion mechanisms and Follow-up campaign


Holistic Relaunch, Digitisation, CRM and Marketing Strategies for airtours, the luxury brand of TUI travel

Won airtours luxury brand account for Wunderman and led and managed the strategic and creative direction for the airtours brand relaunch. Mastered the roll-out on time, on budget and within nine months of winning the pitch.

  • Led and supervised brand vision to brand excellence
  • Led the implementation of the brand identity in Germany and Russia (B2B/B2C/B2B2C).
  • Provided expertise and leadership for more than 88 people, 5 offices in 2 countries involved, 30 direct reports.
  • Developed winning marketing strategies (B2B/B2B2C/B2C), communication plans and customer journeys.
  • Planned stakeholder events and launch communication.
  • Consulted for CRM strategies, CRM technologies and implementation with my team.

‘You did great work. And it was truly an amazing time I’ll never forget!’ – Stefan Schaub, Director Brand Excellence, airtours

Review the full case study on Medium: Relaunch of a Luxury Travel Brand

‘In the beginning of 2017, almost 8 years after the relaunch, airtours was able to announce that the average age of its customers had dropped from 55 years (2011) to 45 years and that 34% of its customers were regular customers.’ – airtours Public Relations, 2017

Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.
Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.
Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.
Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.
Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.
Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.
Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.

‘airtours continues to be the market leader in the luxury segment with the most comprehensive range of high-quality trips and a significant share of tailor-made individual trips for the German market.’ – airtours Public Relations, 2017

Review the full case study on Medium: Relaunch of a Luxury Travel Brand

Vattenfall Europe

Relaunch and digitalisation of the “Vattenfall Highlights” loyalty program

Supervised the account Vattenfall Europe and its loyalty program “Vattenfall Highlights.” for The Wunderman Network.

  • Set up and supervised an integrated team for quarterly releases (direct, online, eCRM).
  • Planned budget, communication strategy and program development.
  • Led change and initiatives for the digitalization of the program.
  • Developed concepts for print and web publishing processes, and program activation.

Citibank Germany

Integrated marketing, rebranding and transition – Direct Sales & Marketing

Supervised the account and an integrated agency team (15+ people) for The Wunderman Network.

  • Developed strategies and concepts for above and below the line, direct and remote/online media.
  • Led various campaigns and lead generation projects.
  • Led rebranding processes from Citibank Germany to Targobank through several pitches.

Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card

Led the brand flip from Visa to MasterCard and CRM for the Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card

Won brand flip project for weigertpirouzwolf and led and managed the strategic direction for the brand flip from VISA to MasterCard. Mastered the holistic relaunch on time, on budget and within six months.

  • Planned, budgeted and led the brand flip.
  • Provided expertise and leadership for more than 20 people across 6 companies involved, 6 direct reports.

Account Reset

Led the turn-around, changes and transition to secure the key account for weigertpirouzwolf. Set up and supervised an integrated dialogue marketing unit as consquence, responsible for creative conception, budgeting, production services and quality management (team of six people).

  • Planned and executed CRM program activities (acquisition, loyalty, churn, retention).
  • Led the holistic brand flip for the account from VISA to MasterCard across various stakeholders and partner companies.

EnBW/Die SüdBeste

Led the brand and loyalty program launch for EnBW

Supervised the account and led the implementation and launching of the new SüdBest brand across all channels and media (ATL, Out of Home, Direct, CRM) for weigertpirouzwolf.

  • Managed program communication and activation.
  • Monitored budgeting, managed and supervised photo productions and ensured integrated campaign experience (ATL, BTL, direct, CRM).


Led the brand relaunch for the premium brand markilux®

Won markilux® Account for KP&Z, managed the strategic direction and implementation of the holistic brand relaunch (B2C, B2B).


Led the rebranding and CRM campaigns for KONICA MINOLTA Europe

“” Print-on-Demand Publishing Platform

Designed print-on-demand publishing platform,

  • Business model, UI/UX concepts, template developments and implementation.
  • Naming, branding and roll-out communication.

“Scranning” CRM Campaign

Planned, executed and managed the real-time CRM campaign “Scranning” for Konica Minolta, awarded the DDP Deutscher Dialogmarketing Preis 2004 best in class.

  • Recruited, built, trained, coached and supervised dedicated campaign team of ten people.
  • Led infrastructure development (technology, processes, tools, CRM software, In-/Outbound Services).

“e-bizhub” CPC Tracking Platform

Gained experience in transformative business models (e-business digitalization).

  • Platform conception, platform implementation and management.
  • Developed the concept for the international e-bizhub platform for dealerships and their clients.
  • ­Managed platform implementation and roll out.


Supervised the account, led national change strategy, local rebranding (B2B, B2B2B) and implemented several online and offline measures and campaigns after the merger of KONICA and MINOLTA.

  • Gained experience in mergers, relaunches, brand transition and transformative business models.
  • Led several B2B acquisition, product and brand awareness DM campaigns across all channels and media.
  • Led literature development and various CeBIT activities.
  • Directed and implemented DDP and Red Dot Design Award campaigns in 2004.

And more