We act according to the Principles of Honourable Businesses.

Businesses and brands entrust Marcus Podorf with insights that are highly valuable, they will play a decisive role in shaping the future. For some, this horizon is 30 years or more.

As a relevant pillar supporting the global and social market economy, we love to set and to follow benchmark examples in the marketing, advisory and connected industries. Economic performance and honourable behaviour are also combined to the benefit of society.

Entrepreneur Marcus Podorf has been awarded the Diploma of Marketing and Communication (CCI) by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dortmund, North Rine-Westphalia, Germany – he is ‘Werbekaufmann IHK’, honourable businessman, since 22 January 2002.

Call for Conscience, 21 June 2012

Acceptance of the social market economy (‘Soziale Marktwirtschaft’) in society has declined as a consequence of the latest financial and economic crises. Loss of confidence may only be regained, if economic performance and honourable behaviour can be combined to the benefit of society. We, the entrepreneurs in Northern Westphalia as the main pillar supporting the social market economy, would like to set an example. Therefore, the general assembly expressly commits itself to the model of the honourable businessman, also recognising that the Chambers of Industry and Commerce have been legally bound to act according to the principle of decency and morals of the honourable businessman.

The honourable businessman as a person

  • is cosmopolitan and liberal-minded,
  • stands by his word; his handshake is binding,
  • develops competence of commercial judgement.

The honourable businessman in his company

  • is exemplary in his actions,
  • creates the conditions for honourable acting in his company,
  • undertakes long-term planning in a sustainable way.

The honourable businessman in society

  • acts according to the principle of good faith,
  • recognises and assumes responsibility for the economic and social order,
  • and also stands for his values in international business.

The honourable businessman is therefore an example in his trade based on decency, honesty, reliability and responsibility. Value orientation is indispensable for a performance-oriented corporate culture. Thus, companies should maintain open and prompt communication within the company and outside. Honourable behaviour and social commitment do not only pay off economically, but also help to create a positive entrepreneurial image.

The general assembly of IHK Nord Westfalen (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Northern Westphalia) calls upon all persons responsible in the companies to further commit themselves to the model of the honourable businessman and to set an example in public – for their own companies, for the region they work in and also for entrepreneurship in Germany.

– Minster, on 21 June 2012

According to the principles of the honourable businessman from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry NRW, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin.

Ehrbarer Kaufmann – Position der DIHK

Last updated: 28 Nov 2023