Make your business profitable: The Berlin Strategy School

The Berlin Strategy School℠ offers a series of events and workshop modules that are designed to build and grow a strong entrepreneurial and strategic mindset that is both hands-on and self-reflective.

Starting a business is truly the beginning of fulfilling a dream. That is why I started The Berlin Strategy School℠—a full suite of professional business tools, experiences, and courses to support you in building and growing a sustainable business from the foundation up based on personal and professional experiences and proven insight.

It’s not your Business; it’s living your Dream.

The 5 day curriculum targets broad audiences, from independent experts to freelancers and interim managers as well as juniors, trainees, and seniors from both the agency and corporation sides. Content and learning range from self-discovery to brand purpose, strategy, and communication planning and from business framing and branding to legal consultancy topics.

The Berlin Strategy School℠ offers a practical set of tools that will be explored mainly in lectures and group exercises.

What you can expect from The Berlin Strategy School℠

Module 1 – Lectures and group exercises:

  • Self discovery
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Design strategy
  • Communication & Comms. planning
  • Project planning skills
  • Leadership
  • Legal advice
  • Time: Monday to Friday – 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Each content module: 30 min – lecture and group exercise

Module 2 – Individual work, The BSS Business Suite™ series

  • The BSS Business Suite™ series is a broad selection of pro tools and expert guidance to build and professionalise your business over the next 2 years, step by step.

Schedule and content to be announced soon

Good reasons for joining The Berlin Strategy School℠

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed by the many options and opinions available
  • You get lost and stuck on tasks
  • You do not know where to start first
  • You lack insight into the German market and landscape
  • You want to build a professional business
  • You want to save time and money
  • You need a sparring and business partner with whom to professionally discuss issues
  • You get lost in too many opinions, options, and random content
  • You want to grow a sustainable business from its inception

What has prompted your desire for professional support and guidance?

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If you are currently in the process of either founding or starting your business, please also do not hesitate to drop Marcus an e-mail. He will be excited to see how he can immediately support you with the actions that are needed for early and continued success:

The Berlin Strategy School℠ progamme and international spin-offs are hosted and held by Marcus Podorf, Founder of and Expert with Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing.

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