Getting great sh*t done.


“Marcus has an excellent understanding of CRM. He was a real asset for us—and the reason why we rated the agency better.” – Director, CRM and Campaigning

Led transition for global CRM account of Mercedes-Benz, 2016–2017





“Excellent collaboration, a good listener, and a good thinker. Is comfortable challenging opinions in a constructive way. Creative and flexible, yet doesn’t lose sight of what is important.” – Anja  J.

Brand & content strategy for ValueChange (Anja Langer Jacquin), 2016


“Very open-minded, inspiring, and focused co-creation; what an amazing project journey! Had a great experience with very nice people, challenging but awesome teamwork, striving together for perfection. Thank you for your trust!” – Anja & Paul!

Brand strategy, UX concept and execution for Home of the Wild (Krueger National Park), 2014


 “Tango takes two!” – Ann-Marlene

Make Love Strategy for Ann-Marlene Henning, 2012

Ann-Marlene Henning


“You did great work. And it was truly an amazing time I’ll never forget!” – Director Brand Excellence

Led holistic relaunch for airtours, 2009–2012








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