Let’s kickstart your Business!

Marcus Podorf is available for personal sessions that offer professional advice and guidance to help you, your business and your team transform and solve current and long-term challenges. 

Your Business

  • Bring your current business challenge, idea, insight or rough concept – all are valuable.
  • We will jointly discuss your business situation, including where it should be, where it could be and how we can get it there.
  • Marcus Podorf provides guidance and leadership during every session and for your mid- and long-term needs.
  • We will jointly develop and commit to a dedicated plan that helps you with professional planning and building professional national and international structures with all the mandatories, needs, dos and don’ts as well as blind spots, which we will consider together in a step-by-step manner.
  • We will jointly develop a dedicated action plan that can be operated with you in the lead.

Your Benefits

  • Jointly developed tailor-made solutions
  • Map and challenge your current status quo
  • Bring and discuss your ideas, opportunities and challenges
  • Honest, direct consulting with no hidden agenda or fees attached
  • Benefit from Marcus Podorf’s experience working with world-renowned brands and businesses from a broad range of sectors and industries, including large corporations and also SMBs and public personalities
  • Benefit from a compelling toolset and standards
  • Transformation strategies and implementation advice are provided
  • Support from Marcus and access to his network of independent senior professionals and super-senior and niche experts in their respective fields
  • Growth is guaranteed at your company’s speed and capabilities
  • Develop and operate the appropriate dedicated action plan that is tailored to your business needs and ambitions
  • Marcus Podorf invests himself as a Business Angel with continuous monitoring, guidance, leadership and creative sparring
  • Sessions can be held in either German or English

Terms & Conditions

  • Individual long-term advisory or investment contracts (Marcus as a Business Angel) are mandatory
  • Remote advisory sessions can be charged per hour upon request
  • On-site advisory in one of the global Wework Offices is also available
  • Advisories will be treated confidential and fully GDRP compliant
  • Travel expenses are not included


If you would like to discuss your specific business challenges, a new venture or an ongoing project, we would love to hear from you. Simply describe your challenges; we will jointly determine the priorities and develop an action plan from there. Please note that all services require a fee. 

Please send your inquiry to hello@marcuspodorf.com

Marcus Podorf’s Change Story

For 22+ years, Marcus has worked with premium and luxury brands, managed turnarounds, advised start-ups, individuals, corporate clients and public personalities with their business ideas and implementation and helped shape businesses, products and services for different companies. 

For nearly half his career Marcus was permanently employed in management positions on the agency side (1999–2012). This included reviewing many quite creative concepts for their feasibility and practical suitability before his teams presented them to their clients. In addition to developing a concrete implementation and transition plan, his roles included budgeting and evaluating how relevant and successful the concept could or would be for the business, whether the invested marketing budget would bring a corresponding (hoped-for) return and whether new markets, customer segments and sales channels could be developed. 

This inevitably included the transformation of existing marketing and business models and the creation, procurement and/or reorganisation of the necessary resources and structures to run these operations. Consequently, completely new business and distribution models emerged, such as Free Wifi by Vodafone in German schools and student residences.

Marcus’s previous management roles in the creative industry have also included recruitment, supervision, mentoring, training and leadership for teams of all sizes (2–88 people) across several offices and organisations as well as professional coaching, corporate change and transformation and culture development to maximise personal, team and business potentials. 

These functions repeatedly showed Marcus that the more confident, creative and free people are in their work, the more they develop personality and pursue their ambitions. People’s understanding of business and the corresponding connections and necessities receives greater consideration as they progress with their projects. This is always quite dependent on one’s life path, perspective and business experience and is even true for topics that require a high level of expertise but for which appropriate resources and structures must first be developed. There are measurable requirements on which an individual often fails – especially when working alone. An experience that Marcus also had to make himself in his self-employment since 2012.

For many people, regular revenue streams and individual potential and success are then set aside, and failure follows for many reasons. For example, invested time lacks amortisation; customers and markets are not treated consistently and uniquely enough; identities are not uplifted or continuously developed, and they have no value added; and networks also lack strength, credibility and trustworthiness. Thus, entrepreneurial possibilities remain extremely limited.

As an entrepreneur, Marcus invests himself personally for the medium and long term to develop existing concepts into successful companies from the beginning and develop new projects and opportunities for existing companies, regardless of their size and reputation. This is not only about opening up new or the right sources of revenue, which will help the company as a whole move forward. Sometimes it is rather about a new or different perspective that gains momentum and accesses an individual’s potential from which many hopes, ambitions and dreams are nourished. Within every person, team and company are inexhaustible sources of inspiration and possibilities that simply need to be activated and channelled through a clear vision, ambition and the right measurable action plan.