Marcus Podorf & Associates

Marcus Podorf & Associates partners with leading experts and outstanding talents. Together, we develop fully integrated solutions, with only the highest standards as well as humans and sustainability at heart of everything we do.

Our approach

Every project begins with novel thinking, leading to a solution that is tailor-made to both the client, the brand, and the challenge. Humaness and sustainability require holistic planning, and our unique integrated approach enables us to develop innovative strategies that have a firm focus on the future of markets, products, services, and society alike.

For all projects, Marcus determines the strategic direction and shoulders the overall responsibility, from the initial concept and design through the final execution.

The execution of each project is typically undertaken by an extended, small and close-knit team, whose members not only start the project but see it through completion to ensure continuity. 

The team

Business partners are, for example:

  • The leading German, certified Data Protection Officer
  • The leading Automotive e-commerce platform strategist
  • The leading agile business KPI coach and mentor
  • The leading German design studio
  • The leading tech-team for end-to-end digitisation of corporate processes
  • The leading copy writer for brand engagement, politics, and USPs

And others

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