Human Experience Design

For 20 years, I have successfully led the holistic brand and marketing transformation of premium and luxury brands, delivered fully tailor-made and integrated marketing strategies, and advised on the latest approaches for brand and integrated marketing excellence (business operations). 

My deep roots in brand strategy and strategic planning, including digital/UX, platforms, CRM and direct marketing approaches, can boost brand awareness, market sales and strengthen customer relationships.

I believe in taking the human approach to everything.

Guiding principles

Stay true and think in all dimensions.
Plan customer connections and seamless interactions.
Deliver successful branding, marketing and communication strategies.
Master transition, implementation and brand excellence.
Provide leadership and supervision at every step in the process.
Seek change proactively and develop new business strategies.
Create new state-of-the-art experiences.
Have the big picture in mind when managing brands, products and services.
Prove every day you were the best choice for the task ahead.
Love getting great sh*t done.

Excellent collaboration, a good listener and a good thinker. Is comfortable challenging opinions in a constructive way. Creative and flexible, yet doesn’t lose sight of what is important. – Anja Langer Jacquin, Founder of ValueChange start-up and former MD EMEA/Russia of CISCO Consulting

Human Experience Design

Brand Core Experiences/BX
Brand Design & Brand Purpose Strategies

Branding & Campaigning Strategies
Change Management & Roll-out

CRM – Customer Relationship Management & User Engagement Strategies
Customer Segmentation, Loyalty & Retention Strategies
Customer Experiences/CX

Direct Marketing, Sales Strategies & Tactics

eCommerce Strategies

GDRP solutions

Plattform Strategies & Concepts
Physical & In store Experiences

Storytelling, Content Strategies & Customer Contact Points
User Experiences and User Experience Design Strategies/UX

And more

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